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  Electronic Health Records  
Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. understands practices need a high value, affordable solution that is easy to install, maintain and use. Powerful, intelligent Electronic Health Record (EHR) products deliver the most comprehensive set of capabilities in the industry.

Practice Specific Metrics and Return of Investment (ROI)

  • Reduced/elimination of chart pulls—MGMA states that it costs practices $3-$9 per chart pull (cost of chart, FTE, space, findability, etc)
  • Coding: practices typically are able to
    code after EMR the amount of level 4's that were previously level 3's.
    This can result in coding reimbursement of approximately 20-30%
  • Dictation elimination—depending on whether your group uses transcription, this costs can be significantly reduced or eliminated

Ware Langhorne & Associates’ subscription based solution offers both functionality and creates an enterprise-wide, multi-facility, longitudinal EMR that spans role and venue.

For a low monthly fee with minimal upfront costs, Ware Langhorne & Associates hosts the data for physician practices, keeping the information safe, secure and available to authorized healthcare providers, nurses, lab technicians, and Ware Langhorne & Associates can all access one patient record at the same time—an impossible task with a cumbersome paper chart. With a single, integrated EMR, information is available whenever and wherever it’s needed.

  In addition, nationally recognized EMR products are designed with built-in expert medical knowledge which helps your practice increase efficiencies and eliminate manual actions.

By integrating existing medical, laboratory, radiology and pharmacy data into a single enterprise clinical data repository, caregivers can reduce the risk of medical error and improve overall care quality. Having an EMR to manage the health records of patients in both the acute care and ambulatory settings provides a mechanism to view, manage and store information, not just data.

Key Benefits:
  • Improve the quality and efficiency of care delivery
  • Combine financial, operational and clinical information for comprehensive analysis
  • EMR is required for eligibility for Pay for Performance programs offered by insurance payers.