Ware Langhorne & Associates
  Financial Management  
An advanced, comprehensive information technology infrastructure that is adaptable and accessible to physicians at any stage of development is essential for practice management.

Ware Langhorne & Associates’ financial management systems maximize economies of scale, minimize overhead costs, and simplify budgeting and cash management requirements. Sophisticated accounting reports are produced monthly for financial management of the practice. Accounting services also include accounts payable and payroll management. In addition to the standard financial package which includes monthly reports such as: profit and lost [P & L] statement, balance sheet, etc., Ware Langhorne & Associates’ provides reports such as medical costs by provider, medical costs by place of service, productivity reports by location and other utilization reports key to successful practice management.

Quality improvements can impact the entire continuum of healthcare. A physician’s relationship with Ware Langhorne & Associates allows the delivery of cost-effective, high-quality patient care by analyzing workflow and process requirements, recommending practice enhancements and improving centralized operations.


In this environment, the Ware Langhorne & Associates successful providers will assert their leadership by:

  • Increasing the efficiency and scope of their practices
  • Using state-of-the-art medical information and administration technology
  • Seeking greater financial accountability for the care they provide
A smooth running office is a basic ingredient of a healthy, thriving practice. Ware Langhorne offers the managment expertise that will make that goal a reality for you.