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The primary goal of INFORMED is to increase practice revenue by increasing physicians’ knowledge about their accounts receivable through concise reports throughout the month that are based on:

  • Knowing your practice to increase revenue – first and foremost
  • Detailed, informative bi-weekly reports
  • Real-time information
  • Straightforward formats
  • Automated flow of feedback to you and
    your practice

The benefits of INFORMED go beyond strengthening your strategy on increasing practice revenue. You get a computer network that is taken care of for you. You get your billing work completed, frequently reducing many
of your current overhead expenses.
You get peace of mind.


The INFORMED Process is designed to:

  1. Minimize all insurance balances over 60 days old
  2. Maximize payment of patient balances quickly
  3. Provide detailed information about denied and unpaid claims to physicians and their practices so while they are being fixed they can also be prevented
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