Ware Langhorne & Associates
  Patient Account Management  
Ware Langhorne & Associates distinguishes itself as a true physician service organization that provides full-continuum practice management services that are client and financially focused. Ware Langhorne & Associates offers a wide range of management services for medical practices from a limited approach to a comprehensive system. The services are the foundation of the relationship between physicians, hospital systems and managed care organizations, all of whom are working toward a more integrated delivery of medical care. The specific structure of the relationship begins with the individual needs of the physician’s practice and results in a partnership with shared goals and management oversight.

Improve financial performance with more accurate and favorable [certified] coding practices.

Ware Langhorne & Associates provides complete billing services and accounts receivable management. The service includes full-service billing, cost-effective reporting to track reimbursement by CPT code, audits and appeals with third-party payors, complete inhouse accounting strategies including point-of-service, charge reconciliation, and reimbursement analyses by contract. Ware Langhorne & Associates, a fully integrated practice management system, including Billing and Accounts Receivable management, Patient Scheduling, and other application modules supported by comprehensive information technology.
  Range of Services

With our volume purchasing power, we are
able to buy services (such as electronic data submissions including claims processing and patient statements), and pass those savings and benefits on to our clients.

Our electronic claims go through a 100+ point edit check before they are ever submitted to a carrier. This process enhances cash flow potential and decreases the number of claim rejections that ultimately decreases days in A/R and increases insurance receipts. Regulatory compliance issues are also addressed with stringent coding and editing.

We have on-site Help Desk personnel and a Training Department for prompt assistance with all software, network, and billing office issues with which you and your staff need assistance. We can respond to our clients’ unique needs and provide training either on-site at the practice or off-site.

• Improved cash flow
• More accurate and favorable coding practices
• More productive billings and procedures
• Expert AR management• Volume representation with insurance carrier delays