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  • For a Medicare Eligible Provider's [EP] first payment year, the EHR reporting period is a continuous 90-day period within a calendar year, so an EP must satisfy the meaningful use requirements for 90 consecutive days within their first year of participating in the program to qualify for an EHR incentive payment. In subsequent years, the EHR reporting period for EPs will be the entire calendar year.

  • With regard to the Medicaid EHR Incentive program, EPs must have adopted, implemented, upgraded, or meaningfully used certified EHR technology during the first calendar year. If the Medicaid EP adopts, implements or upgrades in the first year of payment, and demonstrates meaningful use in the second year of payment, then the EHR reporting period in the second year is a continuous 90-day period within the calendar year; subsequent to that, the EHR reporting period is then the entire calendar year.  

Detailed ICD-10-CM diagnosis codes, combined with powerful software-based medical informatics, allow better analysis of disease patterns and treatment outcomes that can significantly advance medical care. These same medical code details streamline claims submissions, since these details make the initial medical claim much easier for payers to understand and categorize.

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