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Good technical support is imperative to every business in this day and age. Supporting your practice management infrastructure can be a daunting task. For your mission critical hardware and software, it is imperative that you maintain a relationship with well trained professionals offering technical support services.

Tech Support by Ware Langhorne

Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. maintains a staff of certified information technology professionals and provides tech support as an inclusive service to our full service clients. We also offer technical support on a subscription and a case by case basis.

We utilize the most advance technologies to afford us the ability to remotely assist you whenever possible. Remote tech support enables us to assist you more timely and effectively while keeping your support costs down. In cases where remote support is not an option, on-site technical support is quickly provided.

Here are some of the many services offered by our
information technology department:

  • Help Desk Support for Practice Staff to Include PC Support, Printer Support, Medical Practice Management software, and Office Network Support.
  • Hardware Support is provided to ensure that all of your equipment is functioning properly and is kept up-to-date. We maintain a high level of service usually responding to your technical support requests within an hour.
  • Software Support is available for all Microsoft products, including Office, Windows Server, etc., as well as a number of medical practice management systems.
  • IS Systems Consultation for Utilization & Integration of Various Systems (Including Internet, Company Network, Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. Information System Network) to Achieve Optimum Usage & Performance of Practice’s Business Objectives.
  • Software and Hardware Maintenance Contracts are available for all Medical Practices. You don’t have to be a client of Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. to benefit from this service.
  • Data Security is paramount. Is your practice HIPAA compliant when Information Technology comes to data security? Our Information Technology team can give you an assessment of your practice to ensure compliance with the HIPAA Security regulations.
  • Data Back-Up your practice have a reliable backup solution and is Information Technology working? Many practices take this for granted. We can review your backup solution, policy and procedure and run tests to ensure that your backup solution is actually working properly.
  • Procurement Using our buying power, you can reap the benefits of bulk purchasing through Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc.'s Information Technology Department
  • Installation and Training installation and training is also available through Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. for PC’s and most software programs. In many cases, you can save a great deal of money utilizing our staff to train versus using more expensive vendors.

Call us today for a free assessment of your Information Technology Systems. We will be happy to discuss support options and to share our fee schedule at your leisure.

Contact Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc., Information Technology Services department today by calling 804-672-4800.

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"Medical practices have unique needs when it comes to Information Technology and Information Technology support, therefore it is important to work with a company with medical experience. As an application service provider (ASP) and full service billing company, Ware Langhorne & Associates, Inc. understands these needs first hand."

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